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Sunday, February 16, 2014


It's hard to do a progress post with a building game. I started this post this morning, then realized I needed some screenshots I didn't have. While I was getting those, I realized I could refine some stuff, which made obsolete some of the shots I'd already taken. Then I realized I could get the materials to make a better forge, and a better pick; and several hours later, the blog post still wasn't written. So some of these pics are out of date. Taking screenies is awkward right now, requiring pressing both Ctrl and F12, which I apparently forgot to do occasionally. I discovered while writing this that I still missed some shots I thought I had taken, like the Legendary-grade Silversteel pick I managed to make.
"Hello, loverboy."
Early Friday evening, Keke (Scooter) invited Rowanblaze over to her claim to check the work she'd done on it. By the end of the night, she'd already made a bunch of improvements I didn't get shots of, including closing in the underground shelter and installing a door—not to mention getting a pair of andirons and logs for the fireplace.
She later fenced in the upstairs space and re-covered the main chamber.
Meanwhile, Rowan was busy working on his own living quarters. Thanks in part to a reminder from J3w3l of Healing the Masses, I finally made my selection tool, which in turn greatly accelerated my progress.
From laying voxel bricks . . .
The house seemed to fly up after I devised "pre-fab" building elements with the Template and copy-paste functions.
. . . to prefab panels.
I got the idea for support beams from Belghast, and the fireplace from Scooter. There's a staircase now where that table is in the picture.
The basement is finished, just needs more decorations.
In no time, I had not only finished the basement, but laid the first floor and a veranda. I still have plenty to do, including building the roof, but I wanted to get some more tools, like the Smoothing Tool. That requires resources.
Built for the view.
My gathering took me to Serenity Pingo, where I toured a few castles. There are some seriously talented folks out there in Landmark—uh—Land.
I'm not saying it's phallic, but someone spent a lot of time polishing it.
Then it was back to the ol' Homestead. You know how awesome it is to be running through the woodland and suddenly see something you built appear in the distance?
Pretty damn awesome!
It's still not done. But then, neither am I. . .
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  1. haha.. you're welcome. I actually remember how painful it was to build my first abode without it before all those wipes and don't want anyone else to go through that

    1. Of course, then I spent all weekend upgrading tools and craft stations and the house, instead of doing just about anything else. >.>