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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Secret Friends

Besides a trip to see The Lego Movie last night with Scooter, I spend a huge chunk of yesterday playing The Secret World with friends from Beyond the Veil. One thing that is actually pretty cool about running the Flappy raid is that I frequently see folks from the Twitterverse RP community running around. My latest sighting was of Raven Corvalis (I think that was actually Wednesday or Friday.)
Celebrity Sighting
On Saturday, Galactrix (a.k.a. Exceeder) promptly invited me to a small group along with AsianSpice. (Unfortunately, no pics. But you get the idea.) After the Flappy fight, Galactrix offered to help me with some XP getting / achievement finishing, so we headed off to the Shadowy Forest to complete some missions. The first one we did was "Last Dance of the Pădurii," one of the very few open world missions that seem to require a group. Having done this in the past with a group of five (Knights of Mercy), I can say that it's actually easier with two. Of course, Exceeder's and Samantha's 10+ gear may have helped.
Hunting Trees
We then decided to do a few others I needed, like "Six Feet Under" and then "Crossroads," where we picked up another friend, Penelope "Sugartruck" Croft.
A Little Satur-de la mode
Sugartruck then suggested we run "Knight of the Drăculești." It was a quick job with the three of us, and we finished just in time for another Flappy run.
Hits like a Sugartruck!
By then, several other members of Beyond the Veil had logged in, and we did a quick run of Hell Eternal—partly because I had picked up "Paradise Now" at the same as "Crossroads." We made short work of the Elite dungeon, not running the Nightmare because of lockouts and scheduling conflicts of some members of the group.

As an aside, I want to comment again on the the art of TSW. There were those at launch who bemoaned the "ugly" character models we had to work with. I think that may have been a failing of the lighting, etc., on the character creation screen. But I didn't have a problem creating characters (male and female) that I think are attractive. Isn't Samantha gorgeous?
Damn, Girl!
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  1. I ran Polaris NM with AsianSpice last weekend. Small world!

  2. Awesome! Yeah, I don't know him that well, but he seems cool. :)