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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Secret Monday: Struggling With the Statuary

Last night was the night! Time for Dexy to face Uncle Oscar. While the rest of the Knights of Mercy ran scenarios, Scooter geared up and gathered the build she needed to take down the Gatekeeper. Magnetic Wipe, with its included purge, was the key ability in Dexy's Ele/Pistol build for the second phase of the DPS fight. Lots of dancing, throwing fireballs, and the Blam! Blam! of Dexy's Big Forty-Five.

In the end (of about two and a half hours), Oscar gave Scooter the golf clap and sent her packing.

For Monde la mode, Dexy looks ever-youthful—and ready for her Struggle with the Statuary—in her Streetfight Hoodie from the Fist inner wheel and grey-blue Cargo Pants from Pangea, along with large red-frame shades, red lace-up gumboots—and Streetwear Samurai headphones, so she doesn't have to listen to Dortmunder's armchair quarterbacking.
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