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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Planting My Flag

This morning, I saw this picture of Iceland shared by @HighFromAbove. I've only been to a couple places with the kind of view you see in the Iceland photo—Angels Landing in Zion's National Park, for example. It reminded me of some of the vistas in EverQuest Next Landmark.
Like this one from my new "Front Porch." Yes, I finally got into a place that had open land to claim. This one is in "Knoll" on Serenity (and it's grassy). I suddenly wonder if there is a "Valley" on Serenity.
I was lucky enough to be awake about the time David Georgeson announced that Serenity had been opened, but unlucky enough to have a client-side problem that I ended up solving through a complete uninstall and new download of the software. Once that was all done, though, I found my little patch of heaven in fairly short order. Wee Mad Aggie was there on Twitter and in the Stalwart chat channel providing moral support.
There's my claim cube from a hilltop within my buffer zone. I'll be honest, I was a bit selfish with the positioning, because I am hoping to be able to shift the claim (through what ever means) enough for Scooter to make a claim nearby, perhaps on the hilltop or more in the valley.
Regardless, I now have my piece of Norrath, and I will share it with my bride, homesteading until the next Voxelocalypse.
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  1. You can place names and their rights on your land within the claim windows. This let's you get a little bit closer and inside another's persons claim border which is nice for having a little neighbourhood of friends.

    1. So with the right privileges, Scooter could have placed a claim immediately adjacent to mine?