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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Secret Monday and the Alliance of Awesome

I thought I was going to be the first out of the gate with this. But when you actually have to put on pants to go to work, you sometimes miss the scoop. Both Syp and Tententacles have already posted about the exploits (or lack thereof) of the Knights of Mercy on last night's Secret Monday session. In fact, I'll be damned if Tenten didn't take my intended tack and introduce some new players on the team. Syp is in full-on tourist mode, with some excellent shots of various details in Manhattan.
Our little group looks quite impressive in the harsh headlights of an abandoned car. And honestly, we do pretty well against the trash and mini bosses of the NYC raid. Of course, we are no match for Mega-Cthulhu with only eight undergeared characters. But we look good, and as Fernando would tell you, that is of utmost importance.
Speaking of looking good, let's interrupt this regularly scheduled post with another regularly scheduled post: Monde la mode. With the black turtlenecks now dropping from Flappy's bladder sac (wth?), there is finally something that looks good under the ritual coat. (I've heard that the black items used to be available for purchase with 3rd-Age currency, but are now only available from gutting the Flapmeister.) Dortmunder started out the evening in an all-black mixed ensemble, but later switched to match Dex-y's coolness. (Yes, as mentioned before, Scooter and I are THAT couple.) Thanks to the Secret Store selection introduced for Valentine's Day, you'll notice the wedding bands we now sport on our left hands in the left-hand pic.
A couple weeks ago, at the suggestion of Scarybooster, several different intersecting communities formed a more formal relationship that has become known as the Alliance of Awesome. I am technically part of at least three of these guilds, though I am only active in the Knights of Mercy. There are several benefits to this alliance; for instance, increased communication and coordination between these communities. Also, as folks migrate from one game to another, they will find ready groups of friends, even if their own guild is not active in the game. And the guilds that are active get an influx of interested players. KoM has migrated our TS activity to that of Multiplaying, and in the process "acquired" some new blood, in the persons of Zelibeli and Winin. Zeli just started a new character last night, and Winin is in Blue Mountain.
After our tourism raid—and a Flappy run wherein Dortmunder the healer got separated from everyone else—a few veteran KoMies joined Winin in a run through Hell Raised, the dungeon instance anchored in Savage Coast. He picked up quite a few nice pieces, including the awesome "Soul Crusher" hammer. Anyway, welcome to Winin and Zelibeli, and thank you for graciously hosting the Knights on TeamSpeak.
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