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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Secret Monday: The Big Apple Takes a Bite Out of Us

Despite a little confusion and slow start, Secret Monday was full of activity. Unfortunately, Syp had to bow out early due to ailing offspring, but we hope he can join us next week. The rest of the Knights of Mercy got on about an hour before Flappy was scheduled to start, split into a couple groups and nailed the Mansion Scenario. (I won't say on what difficulty, but it wasn't Novice.) I had Scooter, Ocho, and Piddy in my group and we rocked it, even though I had severe enough lag that I got booted from Team Speak. Then it was time for Flappy(!), which we also rocked, though of course we had plenty of help from a very large group of people. Sorry, no pics of Flappy from tonight, but here's one from my first foray into the instance on LoneStarBelle when I happened to see Klaus Von Richter (a pillar of the Twitter RP community) running past.
Oh hai, Dr. Richter!
Both Dex-y and Dortmunder got black turtlenecks from the writhing bladders that Flappy drops, which is cool, since Scooter and I are that dorky couple that often wear matching T-shirts. Ocho was the big winner though with a pair of Night Vision Goggles. I'd have a Monde la Mode shot, but I forgot again; and now it's late. Ocho then had the bright idea of checking out the NYC Raid. What follows is a series of shots from our trip through downtown to Times Square, which Ocho assured us is very faithful to the real thing, right down to some creeps you might actually find in the Big Apple.
She's so sexy when she's blowing filthy creatures away!
This first shot shows our only two actual female players in the cabal: Laeyn (Mogsy) on the left, taking the heat off the rest of us; and Dex-y (Scooter) on the right, bringin' da forty-five caliber pain! I believe that's Thermic (Mr. Mogsy) there laying down on the job. Maric and Tenten rounded out the group, as seen below.
Maric, what did you do to piss this guy off?
It didn't take long to get to the final boss (though we did die quite a few times on the way). These pics don't even do the environment here justice. Funcom has done an incredible job with this raid (not to mention the rest of The Secret World.)
You don't look so tough!
We had absolutely no hope of defeating Mr. Grumpypants, given that we were three short and barely geared for nightmares. But it was fun running and spamming F12 to get all the screenshots we could before dying.
Come on guys, we can take 'im!
We totes look like we're ready for him. No? Not even close?
Hey, did any ever tell you your face looks like a spikey—
The halo around Dortmunder's head signals his impending demise, yet again. But that shot alone was totally worth the repair bill.
I was too dumb to live.
Haha, dead before I even hit the ground.
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  1. Someday I'll try the raid. Someday. . . . . As it is, I just barely logged in on Saturday for the 1st time since Thanksgiving. Skyrim caught me, but now I'm back. . . . . .

    1. I'm actually spending a lot of time in Landmark right meow.