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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fishing for Advice, a Novel Approach

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So another person has told me how much they enjoy my writing. It makes me wonder, though. Could I ever make a real go at being an author? I seem to be creative in bursts. Sometimes, ideas and words come to me fully formed, and I simply need to write them down. Other times, I struggle to even get a paragraph in. I'd love to write a full book, maybe even a start a new career. I'd like to think it's something I would enjoy more than what I'm doing now.

Many of my characters are fully developed, some could use more work. Unfortunately, they also depend on worlds not of my creation, and that I am unlikely to be able to write about professionally. So I have to figure out whether to write a story set in, say Azeroth, and then adapt it away from the fan fiction that it is. (Don't knock that, some authors are making bundles writing adapted fanfics.) Or do I try to adapt it as I go; even though in my head, I'm still picturing Tyria, or the factions of The Secret World? And how much . . . um, smut  . . . do I put in it? I've been known to write some juicy stuff, not that you'll ever see it here. That opens some doors and closes others. Then again, every audience you write for has its limits, no matter the genre.

I haven't done much with my project from NaNoWriMo; never purchased the full version of Scrivener; have only opened it once or twice since November. Would I open it and work on stuff more if I'd made the investment? Or would I not use it enough to warrant the investment?

Who knows, I could be the next Joanne Rowling—one can dream, no?—or at least the next (insert some author who makes a middle class living here). But I have to get something "on paper" first.

Any authors out there—struggling or successful—with any advice?


  1. KILL A MAN FIVE WAYS... then pick one and use that.

    1. By the way, this godsbedamned commenting system won't let me comment using my non-blogger information. :(

    2. Sorry, I was getting some bad spam all of the sudden. Scarybooster can't even comment on blogger from his iPhone.

  2. Back when I read 'Prince of Stories' I found it offered me a lot in terms of great writing insights and wisdom based on the analyzis of Neil Gaiman's work and many of his quotes on the subject. I think its easy to forget that writing is also a grind, not just a lofty art one engages in when feeling inspired. Professional writing is hard work and as Gaiman states himself, it's awesome times when "the mind flies" but for the most part writing isn't that. It's what makes it all worth it, though.
    The probably most important advice I took from the book is to finish something. This is vital. It's easy to start stories - seeing them through and finishing stuff is the real challenge.
    So I guess I would recommend that and also the book, especially if you're a fan. Other than that - trust the gift! Always :) and don't get held up by perfectionism.

    1. Hey, thanks for the book recommendation. And the advice. :) You're I just need to do the work and finish.