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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

All Aboard the Last Train to Cairo

So you wanna hear about my adventure on the Last Train to Cairo? How my fellow Templars and I prevented another Tokyo? We had to do it ourselves. The Illuminati were no help of course, and who knows if the Dragon may have actually been behind it. But let me tell you the tale. . .
Visual & Textual SPOILERS after the jump . . .

After revealing my status as a Protector of the Templar Order, I convinced Nassir of the Marya and Saïd the undead arms dealer to get me to the train. Dexy's kiss burned on my cheek.
As Nassir maneuvered close to the train, I prepared for some "thrilling heroics."
Saïd quipped, "You do know the definition of 'canyon,' don't you?"
"You must jump now!" shouted Nassir. "It's the end of the road for us!"
"We'll go around and meet you on the other side of the canyon, assuming you are successful."
You could say I made a leap of faith.
The Templar garb can be a bit confining, so it was back to jeans and a T-shirt. I was joined by Dexy, Thermic, Laeyn, and Chucho. We hang out together a lot. Seriously though, I wouldn't have made it without them.
After a harrowing fight, we managed to commandeer some ordnance.
The cultists were blown away by our audacity.
Laeyn was severely injured, but the bees will ensure her full recovery.
Finally, I confronted Daoud, the Atenist leader. "I . . . have had . . . enough . . .
. . . OF YOU!"
Apparently, this was the start of another beautiful friendship.
(OOC: Chucho said the girl sitting on the ground in the background figured prominently in the Carpathian Fang.)
And now, with my awesome new shirt, Dexy and I are ready for a new adventure.
Let's go kill bad guys!

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