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Friday, March 22, 2013

Developer Appreciation Week 4 is Coming!

From Scarybooster, the founder of DAW:
It's Developer Appreciation Week next week. From Monday-Friday will be all developer love. If you're new to DAW, here are a couple things to remember:

1. Tell the blogsphere about your favorite developer(s) in at least 1 post next week. You can write just 1 or write as many as you want all week.

2. You'll get lots of link love from other blogs. DAW usually has about 20-30 bloggers dedicated to sharing their love for developers. Most of them will link you several times and even post on other social networks.

3. Be positive! Don't trash another developer to make your point as to why your developer is better. DAW is about being positive and thanking all developers for their hard work.

4. Just enjoy yourself. The whole point is to have fun. No developer is going to pat you on the back for you patting them on the back. They might see your post, the might not, meh who cares? At least you had fun.

5. This event gets bigger every year, please take the time to retweet other people and throw down a comment or 2 if you agree. It's nice to know we write for an audience sometimes.

6. [Added by me] Use "#DAW" for any Tweets (or G+ posts) you make related to DAW.

That's about it. Just have fun and spread the word. This is the 4th year I've been doing this and every year gets better and better.

Thank you all!
Scary went through a bit of a blogging/gaming funk this winter, and I thought I might have to carry this great community-building event. Luckily, he's back—and stronger than ever—so I can sit back and be lazy (while writing my own DAW posts).

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