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Friday, March 15, 2013

TSW: Issue 6 Is Out!

I got official word from Funcom:
On the game patcher splash, it says Issue 6 will be available for purchase on Sunday, 17 March, at 2 p.m. GMT. Subscribed members can already access it, though I don't know those details.

[EDIT] Last night, both Sctrz and I discovered that Issue 5, "The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn" was avaible to us in the item shop for free (0 Funcom Points). So we went ahead and got it. If this is universally the case, then Issue 6, "The Last Train to Cairo," is the first update that will cost money: 1200 FP or $10 for "non-members." Members get a 10-20% discount, making it 960-1080 FP, which they can spend out of their monthly 1200 FP allowance. [/EDIT]

When Sctrz was describing her character, Dexrina "Dex-y" Sunfleur—before she found out about of the theme for Issue 6, but after I had—she said, "She's an Archaeologist." "Like Lara Croft?" "No, more like Indiana Jones." Crack that whip!

I think this is what's behind my lovely bride's renewed enthusiasm for TSW, and I'm happy to ride that train.


  1. Hehe.. if "Indiana Jones" is her goal, she might indeed have some long work ahead of her in the Scorched Desert. The full archeologist outfit can be bought there, but earning the currency will take a while. (I don't know the female outfit, but the male one is very much -the- incarnation of Indiana Jones. For a perfect fit use pistols as primary weapon and combine with either elementarism or fist to have a small secondary which doesn't disturb the appearance, while having the whip as aux weapon. :) )

    Still, i'm more interested what you will post when you did the Tyler Freeborn mission line (Issue 5) than what you think of Issue 6.

    Although some of my Cabal missed the chance to get the whip the first time playing the missions of Issue 6 and thus have to repeat them, everybody loved them. (Thus repeating is no issue, just a small wait. )

    1. Hmm. I saw a Tyler Freeborn quest on an alt still in Blue Mountain, but I think it said "Devastating" so she's not high enough yet. I t was nice to find out that Issue 5 was essentially free, though I'm not sure whether that was something we'd done, or a general thing.

      I'd heard that the Indiana Jones-style stuff was locked behind a special currency, which I detest in games. We'll likely do the necessary repetitions to get the outfits though.

    2. Ah, true. If your setup is good, QL8 green gear might suffice for Tyler Freeborn, although better gear would be advised. And yes, as i also stated, earning the Indy-Outfit requires to repeat the missions introduced with Issue 6.

      So yes, Issue 6 bought us the first set of daily missions. While it's only 3 of them and they can be completed together in one tour, TSW now caught another disease ravaging in most other MMOs. I guess it was only a matter of time, if people complain about not enough to do and obviously devouring content faster than it can be created, daily missions are probably the only answer a developer can give.