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Monday, March 25, 2013

DAW4: Give a Dev a Hug

Developers. It's almost a four letter word, if you believe certain gaming blogs out there. And while I have had issues with certain game Publishers, and sometimes questioned the design decisions that Developers make, I always appreciate the effort these wonderful people put forth for my entertainment. Let's face it, if you're mostly an MMO player like me—other than the cost of an internet connection you're probably going to spend anyway—the monthly subscription you might be paying is probably the most economical form of entertainment available, besides going outside and kicking an old soup can around the yard. If you're playing F2P or box-only games, it's even better.

WHO MAKES ALL THIS POSSIBLE? The Devs: the designers, the code monkeys, the modelers, the lore masters, the quality assurance testers, the community managers, etc. One week a year, we the blogging community get together to show our appreciation to these often unsung heroes of our leisure time. That's this week. I encourage you to post at least one post this week thanking the people that make possible our MMOs, MOBAS, etc. You can be generic in your appreciation, or specific in thanking an individual Developer that really touched you in some way.
planb23 on deviantART
If you do, the legendary Scarybooster is collecting the posts to make into a list later this week. Be sure to send a quick email (scarybooster at gmail dot com) with a link to your post, so he can include it in his master list.

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