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Thursday, March 14, 2013

TSW: Pic Dump

I have been taking bazillions of pictures in TSW (and GW2), but haven't posted too many, perhaps thinking I'd get a vignette or something out of them. I may yet do that. but thought I'd share, especially since some of these include fellow members of Knights of Mercy, the TSW branch of Mercy Gaming. We run stuff on Monday evenings when about eight to ten people are on, not too bad for a relatively small community spread across several games.

We'll start with a series of group shots from last week's "Inferno" run. I kinda wish we could include more guildies in these groups, but then we run the risk of not having enough people. It's gettin' hot in here: Sctrz' "Dex-y" pulling rear guard, Tententacles' "Chucho" providing pistol whipping services, "Thermic" (aka. Mr. MMOGC) keeping us all bloody healthy, my own "Poppyshock" with her electric personality, and MMOGC's "Laeyn" in the vanguard:
Just before the final fight, Thermic says, "Guys, are you sure about this?":
Back in our own dimension, after beating the Boss. We bad, we bad:

So I got all the Starter Decks and completed the inner ring of the Ability Wheel on "LoneStarBelle." Here, she poses in Agartha, wielding a Shotgun and Dual Pistols. I decided I like the "Maverick" outfit the best. It works well with Sam's "New West" cowgirl hat:
Don't mess with Texas:

Here's low-angle of "Poppyshock" in Savage Coast, highlighting her Elementalism Focus. I love that the "doll" is made up of electrical plugs and a ceramic insulator:

And finally, Sctrz' "Dex-y" smiling in Egypt with a jackass (not me). It's very sunny in Egypt, but this was in the late evening TST (TSW standard time):

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