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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Time Travel, Ancient Artifacts, Dapper Mummies, Oh My!

So my lovely bride and I got together in TSW with guildies from the Knights of Mercy to run as much of the Issue #6 content we could. We got through the first three of six main/sabotage missions, plus a few side missions.
Why, yes. There are fireworks on my shirt.
I'm not sure how much to spoil here. Besides, it was a little confusing, with the cross-talk on TeamSpeak. One of the Marya was talking about wanting to be a taxi driver in America when the conflict in Egypt ends, something safe. But he probably won't get a chance, since it seems unending. Then we ran around killing stuff. I think I may need to do this story solo or just me and Sctrz, LOL. Then I remember we had to track down some bad guys and get message fragments from them. This was a situation where the chaos of running with eight people meant some people didn't get everything at the same time, so we had to kill far more than the basic four needed for the quest. It was fun though.

Next, we headed toward an instanced dungeon (no really, there were cells and prisoners), Our bee-given weapons were taken away. We're still pretty tough though, and fought our way out with bare-knuckle fisticuffs.
Yes, they're registered.
At that point, we headed over to Saïd, the Dapper Mummy from my title. He sent us on an errand through a time portal to a nearby ancient Roman settlement. This is where being in a large group got really hairy, as we were unable to plow through the enemy as we had previously. So there were many resets of the instance. We all got through it, though, and delivered the artifact to Saïd, who then sent us on a mission to Cairo. This is where we called it a night.
Karl and Dexy, lost in time.
A word on the side missions. We were coordinating over TeamSpeak but the somewhat chaotic cross-chatter meant that sometimes people missed verbal ready-checks and were on different stages of the quest. At least once, someone jumped the gun, so that the others couldn't finish the precisely designed quest at all. I am not laying blame, but I officially suggest we come up with something to make sure everyone is ready to move on before we do. I don't know if TSW has a formal Ready-Check system like WoW, does, but it would be nice. I'm sure we'll be repeating these, as the "Indy" outfit is only available through currency earned by completing the Issue #6 missions.
We meet again Herr Eichenherz.
I am of two minds on this sort of Guild activity. Knowing what we needed to do and how to do it efficiently might have helped. But I don't want to read some guide ahead of time and spoil the story as it unfolds. While I think we could stand some more organization during the event, I love the spontaneity. I don't want to turn it into a raid-style chore. I had a blast running around with buddies—can't wait to do it again.

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