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Thursday, March 21, 2013

When Somethin's Goin' Wrong . . .

You must Whip it!
So I was logging into The Secret World yesterday to mess around on an alt while Sctrz finished up some work. Lo and Behold, there was an update to download. Curious about whatever hotfixes they may have made, I looked at the patch notes—something I do not do often, to be honest. I am glad I did, because one of the fixes was that they eliminated the 68-hour cooldown on entering the Excavation below the city of Al-Merayah. I got on Twitter and told all my buddies in Mercy Gaming that had missed out on the Whip Auxiliary Weapon because of that lockout. Pretty much everyone jumped on and got their Whip and there was much rejoicing.
Whip it good!

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