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Friday, March 29, 2013

Wrapping up DAW4: Scarybooster

For a full list of bloggers and posts from this year's Developer's Appreciation Week, head on over to Scary Worlds.
My friend has gone through a rough patch with the community this winter, almost stopped blogging. His naturally upbeat personality broke through though, and here he is again heading up a week of simple appreciation for a group of people that make our lives better. They're not curing cancer or feeding the hungry, but game developers are striving to make the world a funner place to be in. And their fans often dump on their efforts with extreme prejudice, making many others flee the forums in droves. But the devs have to put up with it, and figure out how to filter any good information from the vitriol.

But this post isn't actually about the devs. It's about a man who appreciates them. I've never met him, but I consider Scarybooster one of my best friends. He always makes me laugh. And despite being pretty foul-mouthed on his blog in the past, he frequently shows immense wisdom and even-handedness—without the cynicism of so many others. His parables and metaphors always make me think, reminding me that gaming is about having fun, not about having the biggest e-sword or whether the devs' design is flawed.

And he's always trying to improve. Trying to be a better father, a better player, a better blogger, a better writer. Scarybooster inspires me to do better, and I am far better for having known him and read his work, even if we have never met. We need more people like him in this community of gamers and bloggers.

So on this last day of DAW4, organized once again by an outstanding blogger—an outstanding person—he is the one I appreciate. Thank you, Scarybooster.