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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Blaugust the 29th: Morrenia Hits 50!

Even with the current level cap of 60 (soon to be 65), reaching 50 in SWTOR is still a pretty big deal. At least, it is for me. And so just after 11 p.m. local time this evening, I reached 50 on my third character: the Sith Marauder Morrenia the Merciless.

Scooter is on my heels with her Sorceror, Lord Glember, but didn't quite reach it before we quit for the night. We're just about done with Corellia, the original final storyline planet, and there will only be a few climactic scenes after that to finish the original stories. I also brought Pierce's affection to max, but not really any romance (other than a single tryst). I now know why people had such an issue with Quinn, maybe more so than Corso. But sadly, it looks like he truly is the only option for the female warrior to romance.

One of these days, we're going to have to take a pair of our characters through the 51-60 content, hopefully before KotFE launches in late October. Not to mention who will be boosted to 60 (if necessary), so we can start in on the juicy storyline on Zakuul.
If you're interested in joining the madness (Vloggers are welcome, too!), Belghast has a set of rules for qualifying for any prizes at the end. Your second stop should be the Blaugust Nook, where Bel is keeping track of everything and community members are sharing encouragement and ideas.
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  1. 65?! Yeesh, I need to keep up more with news and expansions. I think my poor Jedi Guardian is stuck at 48 where I abandoned her. I tend to do that in games -- get allllmost to the end and stop. Not so much out of boredom but because I know I could do it if I tried -- except for me there's very little motivation to hit adventuring caps since I don't need to break dungeon entry barriers.

    That said, I cap every single one of my EQ2 crafters JUST BECAUSE.

    1. In this case, it's not the level cap so much as reaching the end of the (original) story. I hit 50 on each of the three characters I've gotten that far at least a /played hour before the end of the third chapter. Morrenia was 51, in fact.