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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Blaugust the First: Rise of the Blaugustians

Just give Bel a few years. . .
The month of August is upon us. Last year, Belghast the Aggronaut challenged the blogosphere to follow his pattern of daily blogging for 31 days. While old Bel was surprised by the number of people that ended up participating, I was not. Despite (or perhaps partly because of) Bel's self-deprecation, he has developed quite a following.

I see nothing wrong with beginning the insanity of Blaugust with a roll call of my fellow inmates:

I included Tales of the Aggronaut and IHTtS as well, so the count will be slightly different than Bel's. I think I will create a special blogroll for the month, as well. But not today. And since I have to fluff this up a bit, can I just say making two columns in html was a pain?

If you're interested in joining the madness (Vloggers are welcome, too!), Belghast has a set of rules for qualifying for any prizes at the end. Your second stop should be the Blaugust Nook, where Bel is keeping track of everything and community members are sharing encouragement and ideas.
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  1. Ha. I did two columns for my blogroll page because I follow wayyy too many blogs and I couldn't trim it. Personally I put it together in Google Docs and pasted the table in. This is why every link currently has a redirect when you click it but WORKING ON IT.

    1. Feel free to copy my source code, or go here: http://www.w3schools.com/css/css3_multiple_columns.asp It's for cascading style sheets, but it worked when I edited the html for this post. Copypasta, ftw!

  2. I've only just started checking out your posts, so I'm going into your archives and catching up - too much to read it all, but it's very good. Some is hilarious, some profound, most are just solid writing. Glad to support a fellow Blogger!

    1. Thanks! It's a few years' worth of stuff now, and much is no longer relevant. I can understand that not everyone will enjoy every post. Even though we're blogging about different things, I've enjoyed your posts so far.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! It's only the second day, and it already feels like madness.

  4. Thanks for compiling this. It was a good check against my own records.

  5. No problem, it's copy-pasta right off Bel's Friday post, plus Aggronaut itself. :-D