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Friday, August 7, 2015

Blaugust the Seventh: Prinawe Collective Cantina Codes

The JunctionThe Congregate
With many thanks to Ethuiliel, proprietor of the Pointy Ears blog, I have added to my own Prinawe speeder collection and have two more cantina codes, this time from the Gamescom Cantina.
The Collective

Once again, to redeem them, simply log onto www.swtor.com, then click one of the above links, or copy and paste into your browser address bar. You will also be given a new code to share with 50 of your closest SWTOR-playing friends. Then, the next time you log onto the game client itself, the speeder and an extra surprise will be waiting in your mail. Every character on the account will get one. Good luck, and if you are unable to redeem the code, let me know so I can edit the post. Speaking of which, no one ever told me my Junction giveaway was no longer valid, so it may still be good if you haven't gotten that speeder.
A Rebel on Korriban

Does it look familiar? The lovely Morrenia got a little rebellious while driving around last night. It's a little different than the Junction or the Congregate, pictured above. Other than the paint job, you may notice the bluish tiny dome, on the "hood" of the speeder. I wish I had a better shot of it, but this is definitely an astromech droid. Kudos to BioWare, and thanks for the new speeder!
If you're interested in joining the madness (Vloggers are welcome, too!), Belghast has a set of rules for qualifying for any prizes at the end. Your second stop should be the Blaugust Nook, where Bel is keeping track of everything and community members are sharing encouragement and ideas.
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  1. Clicked on a couple of those throughout the day but was not able to get any sort of redeemed message. Got one of yours above to work. Will tweet out the code I got in return @troopek