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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Blaugust the 22nd: Oh, the Humanity!

I missed a day! I knew I should have written something in the afternoon. But I spent some time editing stuff over on Holosuite Media, and didn't feel like it right then. Wait, back up.

So yesterday morning, after feeding the dogs and uttering around the house just a bit, I headed over to my ex-wife's home to assist in moving my oldest back into the dorm for her last school year in the local area. To save on costs, she's been going to the local community college to knock out lower level core classes before heading off to a more distant four-year school to finish her bachelor's degree. While her return to the dorm was less involved for me than I expected (just one car trip, since we caravanned in multiple vehicles), it still took the better part of the morning, and I returned hot and sweaty around noon.

After a shower and some lunch, I settled down to catch up on my editing duties, then didn't really feel I had anything to blog about. I decided to play a little SWTOR, this time on my smuggler, Albarossa. I honestly didn't get very far before Scooter came home and we took our aluminum, plastic, and cardboard over to the recycling center before returning to eat some dinner and watch Wing Commander, which I had never seen. The movie isn't great, but it's not horrible either.

After the movie, we logged onto SWTOR again and made some progress on our Sith, Morrenia (my marauder) and Glember (Scooter's sorceror). We're in the middle of the Belsavis missions now, but will probably be done and on to Voss (I think) before the end of this evening. I'll report on that later—for Blaugust 23.
If you're interested in joining the madness (Vloggers are welcome, too!), Belghast has a set of rules for qualifying for any prizes at the end. Your second stop should be the Blaugust Nook, where Bel is keeping track of everything and community members are sharing encouragement and ideas.
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  1. RL rules all. :) We move our daughter (college junior) in a few weeks. I'm looking forward to having more time to play with pixels in the Fall.

    1. So does web surfing, apparently. I sat down at least an hour ago to play, and here I am, still reading my open tabs.