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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Finally, a Game Post, Sorta: Silverleaf

Like many Imperial Officers, the Lieutenant Major had ambitions that exceeded his abilities. Probably from some "high-born" clan with a few Force sensitives who had been become Sith. It made the rest of the family feel like they were entitled to things they had not earned. Back on Rattatak, the bounty hunter known as Silverleaf had earned—indeed, fought for—every honor and privilege he had received. That the weasely Imp clearly looked down on the near-human (even the term itself was offensive) looming over him made Silverleaf want to crush the man's skull like an egg.
But Mako had determined that the little schemer was essential to luring their true quarry down to the planet. So the hunter kept his impulse in check. The Cathar wench at the Imp's side set the Rattataki's common sense atingle, though. Her lack of interest in their conversation was just little too studied. But the Lieutenant Major prattled on, oblivious, and Silverleaf remained silent about her.

The Rattataki were known across the galaxy as fearsome warriors. Clans and tribes had fought over the planet's meager resources for centuries. Weak or stupid individuals didn't usually last past childhood. Xuxuy Tesig was neither, and he had proven himself time and again not only in battle, but also the often more vicious gladiatorial combat that passed for entertainment on his homeworld. The scars running down his face from the nexu he'd battled in The Cauldron were proof of that.

At only 20 standard years—and already a veteran of the Games—the silver-skinned goliath had left Rattatak to seek adventure in the galaxy. After a few years as a mercenary, Tesig met an old bounty hunter named Braden. Claiming he'd never seen a man with a steadier aim nor a cooler head in battle, Braden recruited the Rattataki onto a team looking to get into the Mandalorians' Great Hunt. Braden's dataslicer, Mako—a Great Hunt enthusiast—insisted that the freshly minted bounty hunter needed a nickname, dubbing him Silverleaf.

"All I need you to do is create 'problems' for a few of the local operations that are not under my personal jurisdiction," the weasel was saying. "My superior's reputation then suffers, and I will be in a position to replace him."

"I'm not exactly in the sabotage business, bub."

Mako cut in, "But I'm sure we can work out a mutually beneficial arrangement."

"Excellent," the Lieutenant Major actually rubbed his hands together in excitement. "This is actually a bounty of sorts. Here are the coordinates to the munitions factory. I already have a slicer inside. Her escort squad was decimated by the malfunctioning droids, and she refuses to carry out the plan without an extraction team. Force her to slice the factory, then take care of her. No loose ends, if you know what I mean."

"Understood," replied Silverleaf. "Get in. Do the slice. Do the slicer. Get out. We'll be back before sundown."
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