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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Why Have I Touched the Sky?

Last week, Simcha was debating changing her blog name because she wasn't sure it reflected her desire to post about things other than video games. But many commenters, including Yours Truly, felt that "Simcha's Many Lives" fit not just her propensity to alt, but also that her life is not just gaming. Any non-gaming interest is just a another facet of Simcha. Another of her "many lives."
But it got me thinking about my blog title. Much like my nom be blog, "I Have Touched the Sky" is a reflection of a certain time in my (gaming) life, when I was excited about Star Trek Online. I merged my first gaming blog, which focused on World of Warcraft, into this one not long after starting both, mostly because I considered this title a little more clever. What started as a STO blog quickly became a place for me to talk about all sorts of geeky things that I am interested in, though still mostly about the games I am playing. But the title is a reminder of my blogging roots, not to mention any "brand recognition" I may have garnered after four and a half years of existence.

As for the title itself, I like the multiple meanings it might convey. There's a certain aspirational quality about it. "Reach for the stars," as Kasey Kasem used to say. It's also a bit whimsical, no? Cloudcuckoolandish.

On the other hand, borrowing from the original quote, it expresses the need for a healthy distrust of the status quo. Question your elders. Question conventional wisdom. The original Star Trek episode concerns a generational colony ship, Yonada, that Kirk and crew encounter. The colony ship is disguised both inside and out as a planetoid. However, one old man has discovered the truth. "But things are not as they teach us. For the world is hollow, and I have touched the sky." I could be completely wrong, but I like to think of myself as possessing this sort of skepticism, and discussing it here on the blog as it relates to gaming conventional wisdom.

For some time, I have seen the combat of most MMOs for the dice rolls that they are. Much like Neo in the Matrix, seeing not the illusion of the computer generated world, but the numerical codes that form its underpinnings. I still prefer to play certain classes, etc. But really, is there any difference between the DPS of a rogue and that of a mage? Or the threat generation of a Warrior vs. a Paladin? You get the idea.

On top of which, in at least one game, World of Warcraft, I actually have flown up and touched the sky. My griffin wasn't happy about it.

So my second challenge for you, Dear Reader, in these few days of Blaugust: Why did you title your blog what you did? Do you think the name still fits?

You, too, could make a name for yourself in Blaugust!
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  1. Star Trek! Anything that is inspired by Star Trek is worthy *nod*. I liked your title.. quirky as in a bit different from 'I reached for the sky' or whatever the saying go :)

    1. Yes, Star Trek has dominated many phases of my life. My ex-wife surprised out daughters (who are nerds like me) the other day with her Treklore. She's not a fan, but watched hours and hours with me in the 90s.

  2. I'm just a guest blogger at Nomadic Gamers -- Stargrace of MMoQuests.com actually owns and named it. She set it up as a place for several bloggers to post about our various games we played, but it didn't last long -- I'm really the only one who posts there anymore. Stargrace periodically will toss in copy/pasted press releases, but she still is blogging at MMOQuests, so doesn't need to post in 2 places.

    I actually do have a personal blog and initially did game posts and whatnot at it, but tbh I haven't even looked at it in over a year, and only posted something like once a year the prior 2 years either. Pretty much anything I wanted to share on a blog could just as easily be put on a Facebook timeline, so it was FB that took over for me there.

    1. I avoid Facebook, tbh. Oh, I have an account, and post to it occasionally, but mostly to keep my mother happy. was always confused about Nomadic Gamers, because I knew Stargrace was involved, but I only ever seem to see posts from you on there.

  3. I have had sooo many blogs and sooo many names over the years.. Hunterstuff, The Lazy Sniper, Jaedia's Menagerie. That was the evolution of my gaming blog. From WoW-Hunters, to something more "me". But I also had Jaedia's Rant Page, my personal sideblog, which evolved into Once Upon a Time, my book blog, then I added.. The Little Bookshack by the Sea, my writing blog, Shinigami Only Eat Apples, my anime blog (quote from Death Note), aaand Doggies and Bookshelves and Games, my personal blog, name kind of just a mesh of stuff that I like. And it's all become such a mess that I'm trying to vacuum it all into one blog: Dragons and Whimsy. A little less history in the name, but I can pull together all five blog's archives and have my own history in the one space. :)

    1. Sounds like awesome. I only briefly managed two blogs before merging them. Then again, I don't blog in my "real" persona. A lot of things go unsaid, I guess.

  4. *wave* I'll leave this here then..