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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Return to Mulgore

As I mentioned the other day, Scooter got an email offering Mists of Pandaria for free if she re-subs to World of Warcraft. On Thursday evening, she fired up her old trial account and roled a new Blood Elf Hunter. The thing is she was already familiar with the Blood Elf starting area from when she and I were playing WoW around the time Cataclysm dropped. I suggested she try a race and starting area she'd never done before.
This morning, I logged into my own trial account, created when we wanted to check out MoP a couple years ago. I had always wanted to see the post cataclysm Tauren area, but never really took the opportunity to do so. I roled a hunter of my own, calling him Gil Buckthorn (no space) and went through the first few quests on Red Cloud Mesa, spending a little over an hour until I got to Bloodhoof Village. It was pleasant enough, I suppose. Mulgore has always been one of my favorite areas, and I love the Tauren culture. I always wish there were more of it in WoW. And WoW has never really been an unpleasant experience, though I have gotten bored with it in the past. Today was no exception.

After a nice afternoon spent out and about, Scooter and I returned home this evening to play a little more. She took my suggestion and roled a Tauren Druid. Meanwhile, I created a Shaman, naming him Oakhoof. Scooter named her Druid Madam Oakhoof (again, without the space). We spent another hour or so doing the Tauren rites on Red Cloud Mesa and intended to continue with the quests in Bloodhoof Village, but some unexpected latency caused a few deaths and eventually I was bumped from the server. So here we are.
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    1. Yeah, I love the Tauren. As for Scooter and me, we tend to wear the same sort of clothes, too: jeans and a geeky T.