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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Driving to El Paso . . .

. . . At least, it felt that way.

Belghast may already be in bed, but this post will get in just under the wire to count for today. I would have had it posted sooner. But Scooter decided it was car shopping day, and we spent about eight hours out and about looking at "mid-size" crossover SUVs. We drove all sorts of vehicles, from a Jeep Cherokee to a Dodge Journey. However, my personal favorite was not even an SUV, but the Nissan Juke.
This one was for me, really. Not that I am in the market for a car myself, but I have been eyeing a Juke in the parking lot of my office for some time now. And today's outing was the perfect opportunity to check one out up close and personal. I won't go into the details, but it was a ton of fun to drive, both sporty and fuel efficient. It had quite a bit of get-up-and-go, and handled great. I can't really justify the expense of a car payment right now, though. Mine runs fine and has been paid off for several years. But . . .

But the time is swiftly approaching when I will need a newer, more fun, more efficient, car. And the Juke is at the top my list.

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  1. *gasp* I love the way that car looks! I'd totally get a drivers licence if I could get that one !

    1. It was hella fun to drive. Nissan has several cars of varying sizes that have a strong family resemblance. In California, where I grew up, it's hard to imagine *not* having a driver's license.