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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Toons Are People, Too

Even if they aren't human.

Bhagpuss was speculating the other day about the possibility of rights for virtual beings. Where you fall in that debate (now or in the future) likely depends on how you feel about your relationship to that virtual being. Leaving aside the implications for non-player characters, are PCs people?

Bhagpuss has repeatedly mentioned that he feels he is more an observer or a guest in the world of the game. The characters he creates have their own lives that he may guide, but does not have ultimate control over. Others create avatars of themselves. Some folks even do their darnedest to recreate virtual versions of themselves. I have done so myself on occasion. Whether or not it resembles the player, the character in the game is literally a projection of the player into the game world. Hence, the reason some people won't play characters of another gender. (But that is a whole 'nother discussion.)

But generally, I fall somewhat between those extremes. I don't see the characters I play as being me necessarily, but they do things I would if I were in the game. I have a difficult time following my characters around if they're asked to do things counter to my personal morals. It's what turned me off to the Dominion in Wildstar. (Something for another discussion, as well.) I also had a difficult time playing a Dark Side character in SWTOR—and getting ding'd for making choices I felt were good.

How do you view the characters you create, and your relationship with them? Are they people with their personalities, desires and dreams? Or are they you, Dear Reader? Or is it somewhere in between?

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