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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Young and Old

Turns out we can all just get along.
Too much fun in the sun yesterday, as we threw a party at the local water park for my daughter's 16th birthday; as well as a last hurrah of the summer, I guess. I don't often hang out with a group of teenagers, and it's an interesting experience. The things they chit-chat about are basically the same things we discussed when I was that age. The hot celebrities, the latest couples amongst their friends, the upcoming school year, etc. They sing along with the popular songs on the radio—which I have heard most of and do enjoy, thank you very much. Makes me feel young and old at the same time.

Funny, I don't feel like a redneck.Meanwhile, with the impending release of Warlords of Draenor, Scooter got an email offering her Mists of Pandaria free when she resubscribes to WoW. Presumably it's an open offer to any returning players. We might take advantage of it, I dunno. I honestly am not sure when we'd have time between now and November.

We're making progress with our new WildStar characters, Flint and Lave (which, as I have been informed, is short for Lavender Daisy). Tonight's NCSoft outage didn't help, though.

There's still a ton folks in the running for Blaugust champion. Follow all the posts on Anook or using the #Blaugust hashtag on Twitter.
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  1. "I don't often hang out with a group of teenagers, and it's an interesting experience."

    I do lol. It never gets less interesting, at least for me. On our Summer mission trip, I was not at all shocked that they didn't know who Elton John was. I was shocked when I said, "You know, Lion King, Circle of Life?" And they said "what's Lion King?" But then, they were all born well after its release, so, I guess it makes sense. Still prompted a double face palm from me though.

    1. Hmm, we had The Lion King on VHS when mine were growing up. It's huge on Broadway, but you'd have to be into theater stuff or live in NYC to know that, I guess. I was more impressed with myself for knowing pretty much everything playing over the P.A. at the water park than any disappointment at pop-cultural osmosis failure with the teens. On the other hand, I was just there. They didn't really converse with me that much, so Elton John didn't come up.