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Monday, August 25, 2014

Gallow Humors

Beware of SPOILERS
The undertaker is doing a land office business, thanks to these two.
Flint and Lave have been spending time in the town of Gallow in the Algoroc valley. You could say they've been deputized, since the local constabulary seems inadequate to the task of protecting the townsfolk. As you may know, Gallow is the hub of several mining operations, as well as a robust ranching enterprise. (You may also note a certain lilt in my speech. It seems the local dialect may rubbed a bit off on me.)

Unfortunately for the Gallowites (Gallowegians?), a group of thugs led by a Krogg named Morek Throg has arrived in town to claim the valuable loftite in the area for the Darkspur Cartel. They've been terrorizing the good folks of Gallow, and also facilitating the distribution of the bootleg beverage known as Slush.

After losing his arm to a cowardly attack by Throg, Judge Kain has enlisted the help of Flint and Lave to break the stranglehold of Throg's gang and their allies, the Crowes. The walking mountain and his kinetic companion have been making mincemeat of the bandits and bootleggers.

Because dispensing frontier justice on the edge of a blade is how we do it in this big valley, pardner!

Bear witness to the Blind Justice of Blaugust!
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