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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Lyra Sedgeweaver

So, I started a new character in Wildstar. She's part of Cats in Space, the WildStar branch of Machiavellis Cat, headed up by Liore, proprietor of the appropriately named Herding Cats blog.

As you can probably tell, Lyra is an Aurin Spellslinger. Yep, a gun-totin', tree-huggin', green-haired, crazy cat lady. One type of sedge is papyrus, apparently Lyra's ancestors were paper makers, or perhaps basket makers, another use for sedge. I don't have much more backstory for her, without doing some research. But she did decide to take the human transport down to the Northern Wilds rather than accompany the bulk of the Aurin to Everstar Grove. There may be reasons for that besides my own desire to see something new.

"But, Rowan," you may ask. "Why start another exile character? You already have your namesake over there." Well, Hypothetical Interrogator, I don't get to play WildStar with Scooter as much as I would like, for various reasons. I decided to start another Exile character for solo runs because, honestly, it's kinda lonely over on the Dominion side of Evindra. And the Exiles are hoppin'. The reasons for that disparity are better covered in another post, but I am looking forward to exploring the Northern Wilds, or whatever this zone is. Spellslinger is hella fun.

If you're interested in joining the double-barreled blast of Blaugust, shoot on over to Belghast's Blaugust Initiative Page on Anook and let him know you're there. It may even mean a bullseye for you, as Belghast has prizes prepared for sharp shooters.
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