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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


You, too, might get wrapped up in the Excitement of Blaugust! But there are only a few days left.

I wasn't sure what to write about this evening, since I didn't play any games. But Scooter suggested I report on my latest little project, a braiding technique called boondoggle. The other day, we were at a craft store looking for replacement feathers for my bowler (derby) hat, and I came across some colored parachute cord. Military folks often refer to it as 550 cord. I decided to get some and make something while watching TV with Scooter. I picked blue and orange because those are my high school colors, and my university colors aren't quite as exciting. Tonight was the first night we'd sat down for some "Arrow" since buying the stuff. Pictured above is about an hour's worth of work, including fixing what I'd screwed up a few times trying to get it started. After I get more practice, I'd like to branch out into other weave styles.

Oh! and I did get new feathers for my hat.
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  1. I have a sling made from paracord and leather (gift from one of the youth). It whistles something pretty, but my aim is terrible.