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Monday, August 4, 2014

DataCronies: Greetings and Salutations

[EDIT: Very few will probably come back to this little post. But I belatedly realized it is the 600th post I have published on IHTtS.]

This is getting to be a habit. I want to post earlier in the day, but it just can't happen when I am up till midnight. I thought I might need to use one of Belghast's Prompts, but then my buddy Xander posted a new podcast on Holosuite Media, the inaugural episode of DATACRONIES!
In this new podcast, my buddy and fellow Beyond the Veil castmat,e Feii, joins his friend, Yolo_Vision, to discuss WildStar. This episode is more about introducing the two hosts and the show itself, and is about 22 minutes.

In the meantime, Beyond the Veil hits Episode 101: "Hit Me With Your Best Shot!!" with special guest Vikestart, Project Administrator for tswdb.com.
You can subscribe to Beyond the Veil through Holosuite Media's RSS feed, through iTunes (with older episodes here), and through Stitcher. You can catch the live show every Thursday at about 7p.m. EDT (11p.m. UTC) on Holosuite Excess. DataCronies and Beyond the Veil is produced by "Xander Hayes" and Holosuite Media.

If you're interested in joining the Whirlwind of Words that is Blaugust, breeze on over to Belghast's Blaugust Initiative Page on Anook and let him know you're there. It may even mean a small windfall for you, as Belghast has prizes prepared for high achievers.
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