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Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Ghost Girl of BtV

Once again, I am writing at 11 o'clock at night. I have half a post written from earlier. But I wanted to do it justice, and right now my brain is not capable of it.
I spent most of the evening participating in the live webcast of Beyond the Veil 102. See the blurb to the right for more info on what that is. Every Thursday night, we get together and record the show, talking about topics related to The Secret World and occasionally other games. One or two people on the panel records the show as well, which is then edited and remastered with light background music and and such. When it's ready, Xander posts it to Holosuite Media and various other outlets. Apparently, while our live audience is not usually large, our podcast downloads number in the thousands. Recently, we made the switch to Twitch from Livestream; and that has been great, because our audience has grown a bit and more casual listeners seem to be finding us based on searches within Twitch.
After the show, Xander and I chatted about pet projects and TSW Artwork. Someone in Twitch's chat had asked who the characters were in the BtV logo. If you've seen the cinematic trailers for TSW, you may recognize Alex McCall, the Illuminati magus from the third one. The female on the left with the Japanese katanas is Mizuki Koga, but of all the characters shown in the lineup above (most of whom are not yet in the game) the woman leaning on McCall seems to be a mystery.

If you're interested in braving the Lovecraftian horrors of Blaugust, confront the madness at Belthulhu's Blaugust Initiative Page on Anook and let him know you're there. It may even mean a small windfall for you, as Belthulhu rewards the worthy.
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